As in many African countries, how you greet and interact with other people in Senegal and the Gambia plays an important role in developing social relations. So, to help you settle in and integrate with local people during your trip, here are some basic phrases in Wolof (the national language) translated into French and English.

Wolof French English
Assalam-alaykoum Bonjour Hello
Malaykou salam Bonjour à vous Hello to you
Na nga dèf (sg) / Na ngeen dèf (pl) Comment allez-vous? How are you?
Magi-fi rèk Je vais bien I’m fine
Nanga tudd Comment vous appelez-vous? What´s your name?
Magi tudd … Je m´appelle … My name is …
Yèw Nak Et vous? And you?
Mane magi tudd… Moi, je m´appelle … My name is …
Agsil (sg) / Agsileen (pl) ak jaam Soyez les bienvenus Please come in / Welcome
Jaam nga fanane Bonjour Good morning
Jaam nga yendoo Bonsoir Good afternoon
Fanaanal ak jaam Bonne nuit Good night
Baal ma Pardon / Excusez-moi Sorry
Fan la hôpital nèk? Où se situe l´hôpital? Where is the hospital?
Fan la marché nèk? Où se situe le marché? Where is the market?
Fan la plage nèk? Où se situe une plage? Where is the beach?
Suba Le matin The morning
Bécèk Le jour The day
Gudi La nuit The night
Waw Oui Yes
Dédèt Non No
Tang Chaud Hot
Sed Froid Cold
Dafa tang Il fait chaud It´s hot
Dafa sed Il fait froid It´s cold
Dama tang J´ai chaud I´m hot
Dama sed J´ai froid I´m cold
Dama xiif J´ai faim I´m hungry
Dama maar nan J’ai soif I´m thirsty
Dama beugue nan Je veux boire I´d like something to drink
Li niata Combien ça coûte? How much is it?
Dieuredieuf! Merci! Thank you!
Bé bénène yone A la prochaine See you next time

If you reserve a place on one of our programmes, you will receive a package of 10 free Wolof lessons translated into French and English. These will help you practise the languages before travelling to Senegal or the Gambia.