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Adventure. A journey into the unknown, to immerse yourself in a culture completely different from your own. A foray outside your comfort zone, where you get to challenge your assumptions, and come face-to-face with preconceptions you didn’t even known you had. An unforgettable experience that is enriching, compelling and huge fun.

A rich experience

Our themed tours offer just that: an  authentic taste of Senegal, a country where the sun shines all year round and whose people consider it an honour to take you in their arms. Starting out in Dakar – traditionally, the beating heart of French West Africa – you’ll haggle with traders in bustling markets, sample the delights of the local cuisine, try your hand at African drumming, spend blissful hours by the sea, get fit in daily bootcamps, delve into the world of Senegalese music and enjoy the natural splendour of the country’s rivers, forests and beaches. But we won’t shield you from the other realities of the region: you’ll see for yourself the incongruously picturesque remnants of the slave trade, be sensitised to social issues, and start to understand the economics of the current migration crisis.

Get to know the real Africa

You don’t need to worry about food and accommodation – just get on a plane and we’ll do the rest. You’ll stay in characterful hotels frequented by locals, worlds away from the uniformity of air-conditioned business travel. And you’ll sample proper African cooking at eateries popular with the locals.

Armed with their encyclopaedic knowledge, our guides have plenty to talk to you about, sparking your imagination, giving you often surprising insights that will make you see your own way of life in a completely different light. More than that, our guides love engaging in dialogue, answering any questions you might have about this vibrant region and its unique way of life.


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Tours tailor-made for your group

Are you a group of eight or more? Then we can tailor-make a tour of West Africa just for you!

  • The Fitness Bootcamp Tour takes you away from your daily distractions to focus on getting the body you’ve always wanted with Yass Diallo, who is not only our founder, but also an award-winning personal trainer. On our bootcamp, you’ll get two workouts every day – right there on the sandy beaches of Western Africa. The rest of the time you’ll get to explore the sights, sample the local food and get your groove on in the local night clubs. Best of all – you’ll come back totally transformed and have a lasting achievement to show.


  • The Eco-Tour takes in the National Park of Tambacounda with its spectacular forests and waterfalls, the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary, whose wetlands are home to thousands of migrating birds, pelicans and flamingoes, and the Niokola-Koba National Park, where you’ll find lions, chimpanzees, hippos and over 1,500 species of plants. Closer to the coast, the mighty river Casamance boasts countless rice paddies that are still harvested by hand, islands with isolated communities and miles of deserted, sandy beaches.


  • The Music Tour is something truly special. Not only will you get to immerse yourself in the sounds of Senegal, with its musical tradition that is famed all over Africa. You’ll also get to listen to – and try – traditional instruments, such as the kora and the ngoni, two types of string instruments. Best of all, on the deserted beaches of Casamance, you’ll be able to learn the djembe drums with some of the most accomplished musicians in the region.


  • Finally, for those who want to relax and let it all hang out, our Beach Bum Tour takes you to the city beaches around Dakar, historical Gorée Island and the fashionable resorts around Saly, popular with international tourists. Further down the coast, miles of unspoilt sand beaches await in magical Casamance. Just hop into your transport and we’ll do the rest.

All our tours are fully customisable. Whatever your interests or needs, we’re the right partner for your bespoke adventure – whether you come to West Africa on a personal journey of discovery, or in a professional capacity, for example as journalists.