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To get a general idea of what we provide, take a look through our FAQs, which provide a range of information regarding your stay in Senegal. In any event, you can contact us by telephone, email, fax or post to clarify any points relating to your project.


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Participating in our projects

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Can I make an application with one or more extra people?

Can I participate in the programme if I am not originally from the UK?

How many weeks in advance should I reserve my place?

Is it possible to make last minute applications?

How do I know if there are places on the programme that I want to follow?

Is there an age limit to participate in the programme?

Can I contact former volunteers for further information before signing up?

Arriving in Senegal or the Gambia

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Will there be somebody at the airport to meet me?

Will somebody accompany me to the hotel?

Will somebody help me carry my luggage?

Will I travel to my destination with a member of SenExperience+?

Will there be somebody to take me to work on the first day?

Will you point out useful places to me during my stay?


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Work placements

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Are any activities organized outside of the project?

How many other volunteers will I work with?

Do I need to have any language skills to take part in the projects?

Can I work in the same place as my friend/partner?

Fundraising and payment

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How much will my placement cost?

What is included in the price?

How is the money used?

Why do I have to pay to be a volunteer?

Will I be paid?

Do I have to pay a deposit? If so, when should this be paid?

When do I need to pay the remaining project costs?

Health and safety

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Do I need to have insurance?

What type of activities does this insurance cover?

How can I get more information about my travel insurance?

Will I need a visa?

Do I need to bring any medication with me?

Do I need to get any vaccinations before coming to Senegal or the Gambia?

Is it possible to drink water from wells or the taps in Senegal or the Gambia?

Why do I need to take preventative medication again malaria?


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Will my host family live near my place of work?

I´m vegetarian – can my host family accommodate this?

Can I go out in the evenings for dinner or to a restaurant?

Will I have my own room?

Can I have a safe-box, fan and table in my room?

Will I have my own front door keys and keys to my bedroom?

Can I invite local friends to my host family´s house?

Will it be possible to wash my laundry?

Who will speak English in my family, local people and staff?