About us

SenExperience+ is a large association of tourist guides, travellers, anthropologists and artists with connections dating back many years. Every one of us has either lived in Senegal or the Gambia, or travelled there on many occasions. As a result, we have excellent knowledge of the country and a thorough understanding of how to make the most of your trip to Senegal and the Gambia. Our founder, Yass, Diallo, was born in Kolda, Senegal and knows the region inside out. Find out more about him here. 

We currently offer a range of projects in education (teaching French, English and IT), sports (coaching children), communication (working in radio and television studios), health (working in hospitals and health centres), culture (dance and percussion) and tourism (hotels, museums, art galleries and libraries). We also offer a quality service to those who come to Senegal and the Gambia to undertake research projects.


Why choose us?

Complete flexibility

We offer complete flexibility and allow volunteers to choose their own start date and the length of their project. Whether you are taking a career break, have just graduated or are taking a gap year, we will be happy to welcome you to Senexperience+.

Professional approach

We act as the link between you and the local population, including your host family. Fun and experience guaranteed.
A policitally stable destination.
Incomparable solutions and level of service.
Every day is an experience with us.
We are from the country and have the know-how to make your trip a success.

Combine projects

On the programme it is possible to do two placements at the same time or one after the other, either in the same town or in another town on our list of destinations. We have put in place all the elements that are needed to make sure that your visit is a success.

The right programme for every participant

A considerable number of volunteers, all with different goals, have worked on SenExperience+ projects. Some have come simply motivated by the desire to travel, to see somewhere new and to meet people who have a very different way of life. Others have had different goals. But regardless of the length of their visit or motivation, all volunteers acquire a diverse set of experiences.

Meet your objective

Choose the projects that you are interested in and we will build you a programme based on your physical and intellectual capabilities. You won´t need previous experience of languages or of the project that you choose, with the exception of the health (medicine) and communication (radio) projects in Senegal. Indeed, for these projects it is useful to have some knowledge of speaking and writing French.

Learn a language

We are convinced that the best and most efficient to learn a foreign language is to study and practise the language where it is spoken. SenExperience+ is able to offer you language lessons with a qualified French and Spanish teacher. And in all locations, we can place you with a family that can help you practise French or one of the local languages.