If you’d like to make a difference and experience a completely different way of life, Senegal and the Gambia is the place for you. We offer a wide array of volunteering programmes, from teaching to healthcare, coaching sports and much more. In addition, we can help with any other research or passion project you might have – from film-making to music to journalism. Find out more here.

Published by

Alfred Rinaldi

If you want to get your story across, you've come to the right place. I'm a London-based journalist, content planner and copywriter with 18 years' experience in newsstand journalism, customer publishing and content planning. During my career, I've interviewed American Indians in South Dakota, beach vendors in Rio and underwater vintners in Spain. I've also written brochures, web copy and consulted on brand strategy.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer”

  1. Hello!
    My partner Mark and I are on a sabbatical and are in Dakar, Senegal for a few months.
    We would like to volunteer in teaching and sports to local children.
    I have a Tefl degree and Mark, a retired lawyer, is very sporty, competes in many different sports.
    We would like to volunteer for a a few weeks to a month.


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